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About Us

UG & HAO TRADING is the distributor of HAO Hair Care Product (Hair Tonic & Shampoo) which is made of natural herbal ingredients and its proven safe to apply on human skin (scalp).

Our initial intention is to uphold our product quality with the most reasonable price to benefit all consumers on demand.
We adhere to our mission to present the most natural and healthy product to the consumers to sustain their healthy lifestyle in a more natural way.


We noticed that people nowadays are commonly facing hair fall problem, it is mainly caused by stress or unhealthy lifestyle. As we are proud having this most effective herbs solution to cure falling hair and re-grow hair, we would like to eagerly share our experience of using this most effective natural hair tonic to everyone who are in need of our product to regain self confidence. Believe us, you can see & feel the result even within 1-2 weeks of usage. 

Give yourself a good try, you will agree with us eventually.
HAO Hair Tonic –Your Best Solution To Regain Confident.


HAO Hair Tonic is an intensive and concentrated traditional herbal hair tonic effectively reduces hair fall, maintain hair density, promote hair growth and prevents growing of grey hair. Special recipe of traditional herbs extract improve blood circulation, strengthen the scalp and stimulate healthy hair grow.


  • 100% Natural Herbs

  • No Side Effects

  • No Additional Preservative

  • No Fragrance

  • No Coloring



  • 方便使用
  • 无需护理
  • 效果快速
  • 价格合理
  • 100%天然草药
  • 无副作用
  • 无添加防腐剂
  • 无添加香精
  • 无添加色素
毛发是由皮肤中的毛囊长出的毛,属于丝狀的蛋白质物质。毛发是哺乳动物的特微之一。毛发也是一种重要的生物材料,主要成份是角蛋白。人体除了一些无毛的光滑皮肤(glabrous skin)外,大部份的皮肤都有毛囊,会生长较细小的柔毛及较粗的永久毛。人体的毛发中最显着的是生长在头部的头发。


  1. 保护作用

  • 物理性保护作用毛发可以缓冲外界的机械性刺激,保护局部的皮肤。如头发可以保护头皮,防止外力和外界环境对头部的不良作用。毛发也可以减轻紫外线对皮肤的损伤作用,日光中的紫外线照射可促进黑素的生成和输送,产生晒斑。此外,还有诸如鼻毛能阻止灰尘进入呼吸道。


  1. 隔离功能

  • 头发有助于以两种方式隔离我们的身体:

  1. 通过冷空气和皮肤之间的屏障

  2. 通过将温暖的空气捕获到我们的身边,从而使我们保暖。


  1. 触觉作用

  • 触觉作用毛囊有丰富的神经丛,对触觉极为敏感。如碰睫毛可引起闭眼反应。


  1. 缓冲摩擦和汗水

  • 引流水分和汗液由于毛发位于皮肤的最外层,沭浴或淋雨时毛发可把水分从皮肤上引流而下,眉毛可使额部淌下的汗水不流入眼睛。被毛处由于面积增加,可加速汗液的蒸发。