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Q: What are its effects and how does it work?

HAO Hair Tonic contains purely herbs ingredients which is able to improve blood circulation, relieve itchiness and migraines, effectively control hair falls, relieve skin irritation and stimulate healthier, darker and high density hair grow. Some users experienced changing of grey hair growing to black healthier hair.


Q: This product is certified and approved by the relevant authoritues?

The product has been certified and approved by MOH (BPFK) bearing number NOT120804382K and being launched and commercialize in the market.


Q: How long for a hair loss user to see the result?

The user is just required to apply 2 times daily of a generous amount of HAO Hair Tonic spray onto a scalp, one will realize the result within two weeks period .


Q: How to use it?

After hair wash until the scalp and hair is completely dry, apply 2 times daily of a generous amount of HAO Hair Tonic spray onto the scalp, massage gently and styles as usual. (Most effective when apply on DRY & CLEAN scalp)



Q: 它有什么功效?是否真的有效?

A: HAO草本生发水内的传统草药具有活血养血行血,散头风及去头疼的作用,故能即时有效的减少掉发,解决头皮发痒,让头发再生并保持



Q: 此产品是否得到有关当局的认证或批准?

A: 本公司已获得马来西亚产品N.O.T注册号码,并能销售于全马各地。


Q: 有掉发问题的人,用多久后能见效?

A: 一般上只要维持一天喷两次的使用量,最快能在两个星期后感觉到新的头发开始生长出来。


Q: 如何使用?

A: 洗头后,待头皮及头发完全干透,将HAO草本生发水喷于问题头皮部位(多寡因人而异),后用指腹轻轻按摩头皮至生发水被完全吸收即可。